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Gold Mexican 5 Peso

Face Value:Mex$5 / Cinco Pesos
Gold Content: .1205 ozt
Fineness: .900 purity

Check / Bank Wire:   $301.32
Credit Card / PayPal:   $310.36

Mexican Gold 5 Peso History: 

The Mexican 5 Peso was issued from 1905-1955 from Banco de Mexico and minted at the Mexico City Mint.  It is the first coinage bearing a national hero, in this case Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.   The Cinco Pesos gold coin is the third smallest denomination of pesos.  It is very appropriate for modest investments due to its affordability.  The Mexico 5 Pesos gold coins are well known for their high level of gold (90%) and copper (10%) which adds to its durability over time.  


Mexico Gold Peso 5 Specifications: 

  • Minted: Mexico City
  • Face Value: 5 Pesos
  • Metal Content: 0.1205 troy oz
  • Purity: .900 (90% gold, 10% copper)
  • Thickness: 1.14 mm
  • Diameter: 19 mm
  • Obverse: Coin has “Cinco Pesos” surrounding bust of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
  • Reverse: Coat of Arms with eagle facing forward