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Gold Mexican 2 Peso

Face Value:Mex$ 2 / (Two) Dos Pesos
Year of Mint: 1919-1948 Gold Content: .0482 ozt
Fineness: .900 purity

Check / Bank Wire:   $132.62
Credit Card / PayPal:   $136.60

Gold Mexican 2 Peso History:

The Gold Mexican Peso is the smallest bullion coin from Mexico as well as smallest denomination. These are a very popular coin due to their outstanding bullion value and are an efficient way to enter into the market.  The Mexican Peso 2 (Dos Pesos) were issued by Banco de Mexico from 1919-1948. Interestingly enough the key mintage year should be 1948 but there are no coins known to exist from this year so they should be considered counterfeit.  With that information, the key to this coin series is 1920.  


Mexico Peso 2 Gold Specifications:

  • Minted: Mexico City
  • Face Value: 2 pesos
  • Metal: 0.0482 troy oz
  • Purity: .900 (90% gold, 10% copper)
  • Thick: 1.02 mm
  • Diameter: 13 mm
  • Obverse: “Dos Pesos” surrounded by a wreath and the date of issue
  • Reverse: Coat of Arms, Eagle facing forward 
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