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Chinese Gold Pandas

Gold Panda CoinsThe People's Republic of China's Shanghai Mint is the producer of the famous Gold Panda Coins.  Every year these commerative gold bullion Panda coins are minted.  Starting in 1982, these gold panda bullion coins have been loved by people all around the world due to the amazing craftmanship of the Chinese Panda on the reverse side and of the Temple of Heaven on the oberverse side.  Most years of the Chinese Gold Panda coins have a different panda design (except 2001 and 2002).  These collector coins are also legal tender in China. The Gold Panda Coins come in many denominations  1 oz -¥500,  ½ oz – ¥200, ¼ oz – ¥100, 1/10 oz – ¥50, and 1/20 oz – ¥20 with a gold purity of .999.

The People's Republic of China - Shanghai Mint produces gold bullion coins annually.  Pacific Rim Trading buys and sells gold Panda coins produced by the Shanghai Mint.  

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