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Gold Austrian 1 Ducat

Year of Mint: Random
Condition: Lightly used
Face Value: 1 Ducat
Weight: 0.1107 ozt
Fineness: 98.7%

Check / Bank Wire:   $265.18
Credit Card / PayPal:   $273.14

This Random Year Austrian1 Ducat Gold Coin is an accurate replica of the original Ducat, which circulated throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire from the 17th century until the start of World War I. These coins, of the Austrian Mint, boast a 0.1107 oz, 98.6% of 23 karat content with a 20 mm diameter, which provides a large surface area for intricate design and attention to detail.

The Ducat was used as a trade coin and to settle accounts for large transactions. These historical replicas are a favorite of investors and collectors, due to their historical significance and gold content.

The obverse illustration depicts the right-facing bust of Monarch, Franz Joseph I, who served as the Emperor of Austria and the King of Hungary, in addition to Croatia and Bohemia. Expert engraving is utilized to enhance the coins' detail for astounding quality. The image is laid over a blank coin field and surrounded by a legend that reads in Latin.

On the reverse is the crowned arms of Austria-Hungary, a double-headed eagle with an overt heraldic attitude, with elevated wings, bearing a shield adorned with the marshalled arms of Loraine, Babenberg, and Habsburg. In the eagle's talons are the Order of the Golden Fleece, and a dagger as it wears the Austrian imperial crown.

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