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100 gr Gold Valcambi CombiBar

Condition: New
Weight: 100g (3.215 ozt) gold
Fineness: .999 purity

Check / Bank Wire:   $8,219.89
Credit Card / PayPal:   $8,466.49

What Makes a CombiBar™ Special?

CombiBar™ is the newest and most innovative minted bar issued by Valcambi. It is available in gold, platinum and palladium of 50 grams weight (50 units of 1 gram each) with Valcambi’s brand and design. Silver CombiBar™ are 100 grams weight (100 units of 1 gram each or 10 units of 10 grams each).

Also called "Break aways" and "Fractional Bars", CombiBars are extrememly popular.  There are several reasons Pacific Rim is selling record numbers of the gold and silver options.  The bars are 

These bars 

Individual bars are sealed in protective assay package listing the weight and authication of the bar by the assayer

  • Obverse: Single stamped Valcambi Logo along with weight and purity of each bar
  • Reverse: Entire combination of 100 bars depicts the unique serial number and and product details
  • Valcambi is the leading Swiss refiner known for their craftsmanship