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Queens Virtue Series

Queens Virtues Silver Coins

The Queen's Virtues Series (2021-2023)

    FIRST:  VICTORIA CONCORDIA CRESCIT – ‘Victory through Harmony’
    On the inagural coin, Victory faces left with the palm of victory in her left hand.  Her wings extend to the right edge of the coin.

    SECOND: VINCIT VERITAS OMNIA – ‘Truth Conquers All ’ (SPRING 2021)
    This coin shows a winged figure of Truth, holding up a mirror to nature.  Truth stands between a child holding a palm branch and a seated woman reading a scroll.

    THIRD:  IN OMNIBUS CARITAS – ‘In All Things Charity’ (AUTUMN 2021) 
    The coin shows the figure caring for the young which represents motherhood, to symbolize the virtue of charity.

    FOURTH:  FIAT JUSTITIA – ‘Let Justice Be Done’ (SPRING 2022)
    Justice features a winged angel of justice holding a sword. To her left a child carries the scales of justice.

    FIFTH: CONSILIO ET ANIMIS – ‘By Wisdom and Courage’ (AUTUMN 2022)
    Courage is the virtue that makes all the other possible and means doing what one knows one needs to do no matter how difficult that may be. This design will feature a symbolic figure of courage wearing a helmet and bearing a club with a cloak swirling in the wind.

    SIXTH: INTER MUTANDA CONSTANTIA – ‘Steadfast in the midst of change’ (SPRING 2023)
    finishes the series.  This coin celebrates the virtue of being unwavering in purpose, love, or loyalty. Constancy is the hallmark of the reigns of both Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. The coin shows a figure holding a ship's compass, symbolizing the virtue of staying the course and unwavering commitment.