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SD-21 Silver Dollar - Morgan Silver Dollar

SD-21 Silver Dollar - Morgan Silver Dollar

Year Minted: 1921
Condition: F
Face Value: $1 US
Silver Content: .7734 oz troy
Origin: United States

Check / Bank Wire:   $36.00
Credit Card / PayPal:   $37.08

1921 Silver Dollars

SD-21 Silver Dollars 


Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Specifications:

  • Morgan Silver Dollar
  • Numismatic 
  • Fine Condition
  • Minted US Mint
  • Mint Year 1921
  • Face Value $1 
  • Purity 0.7734 troy ounce silver
  • Silver content 1 troy oz.
  • Known as the Morgan Dollar
  • Obverse: Features the first Lady Liberty with an American look, rather than the traditional Greek style. Her cap is adorned with wheat and cotton as a tribute to America's agricultural history.
  • Reverse: The American Eagle holding arrows and the olive branches, with the words "In God We Trust" and United States.

Fine condition: Visible wear and softness throughout the design and signs of circulation.