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Gold & Silver Scrap Calculator

Before using the calculator, there are a few things you may want to check

  • Is it real Silver?
  • Is it 100% Silver?  Some items contain fillers of different materials that influence the weight and purity

Scrap Silver jewelry can often be found cheaply and the Silver calculator can be used to determine the bullion (melt) value of these items. Typical Silver purities for Silver jewelry are .925 (Sterling), .900 (Coin Silver), .850, .830, .825 and .800.  Look for the fineness of your Silver jewelry stamped on it numerically, or look for a hallmark.  Common hallmarks are a lion with a raised paw (Sterling) and a boars head or crab representing .800 fine Silver.

NOTE: This information is provided for your refence only and is not an offer to buy your scrap Gold or Silver for the calculated price.

Coins are priced seperately.