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$250 FV 90% Silver - Our Choice

Silver Content:178.5 ozt
Contents: Either Half Dollars, Quarters, or Dimes
Face Value: Contents $250 Face Value
Years: pre-1964

Check / Bank Wire:   $5,866.66
Credit Card / PayPal:   $6,042.66

90% Silver coins circulated in the United States for almost 175 years. These 90% Silver coins are now a favorite of collectors and investors alike due to the value of Silver. The $250 bag of Silver coins will have approximately 178.75 oz of 90% Silver. Coins come packaged in a heavy duty canvas bag. Each $250 bag of 90% Silver coins contains a mix of Dimes, Quarters, or Half Dollars (Our choice). All coins are dated 1964 and prior. 

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