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October 9, 2019 pt 2

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fed’s Powell Admits a Bigger Bailout for Wall Street Is Coming; Fed’s Balance Sheet Ballooned by $176 Billion Since September

Yesterday, at a speaking event in Denver at the National Association of Business Economists, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged that a larger, long-term bailout of Wall Street is coming. His two key points were buried in a subterfuge of puffery but came across loud and clear: “…my colleagues and I will soon announce measures to add to the supply of reserves over time.” And this: “As we indicated in our March statement on balance sheet normalization, at some point, we will begin increasing our securities holdings to maintain an appropriate level of reserves. That time is now upon us.”  Let that final statement sink in for a moment. Under the previous Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, balance sheet normalization at the Federal Reserve meant reducing the Fed’s unprecedented $4.5 trillion balance sheet to get back to something near pre-crisis levels. Under Powell, normalization now means increasing the Fed’s balance sheet to as yet undefined heights.

The Fed’s balance sheet had been bloated to the unprecedented level of $4.5 trillion by buying up bonds from Wall Street’s teetering banks during the financial crisis. The Fed likes to give its Wall Street bailouts fancy names to disguise their real purpose. This one was called Quantitative Easing or QE. From November 2008 until October 2014, the Fed deployed three rounds of QE – QE1, QE2 and QE3. The final one was known on Wall Street as QE-Infinity since it appeared to be open-ended...  https://wallstreetonparade.com/2019/10/feds-powell-admits-a-bigger-bailout-for-wall-street-is-coming-feds-balance-sheet-ballooned-by-176-billion-since-september-11/


By Design. The MIC And CRUDE-- Destabilizing The Middle East.. By Gregory Mannarino



Everything In The Middle East Is Interesting


Russian historian and linguist Vladimir Minorsky suggested that the Medes, who widely inhabited the land where currently the Kurds form a majority, might have been forefathers of the modern Kurds. He also states that the Medes who invaded the region in the eighth century BC, linguistically resembled the Kurds.

Kurds are the most likely descendants of the ancient Medes, but also other ancient peoples. ... The Kurdish language is, just like the Median language, a North-Western Iranian language. In addition, the area where the Medes were dominant and founded their empire are predominantly Kurdish nowadays.  Look at this:

Modern Kurds, Ancient Medes: A Date with Destiny?

...Ancient Media, home of the Medes (also known as the Madai) was located in north-west Iran, south-west of the Caspian Sea and north of the Zagros Mountains, encompassing part of Persian Kurdistan and the modern country of Azerbaijan. The Medes were descendants of Japheth and their Aryan lineage is confirmed by Herodotus (7.62) and Strabo (15.2.8), as well as by surviving traces of their language. The first known mention of them was by Shalmaneser III, king of Assyria from 859-824BC, who raided the plains of the Medes in 836BC to acquire their famous, finely bred horses3. The Median kingdom reached the height of its power around 605-552BC (Figure 1) during the time of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar and the prophet Jeremiah, and dominated neighbouring Persia until 550BC when Cyrus of Anshan (Elam) defeated the Median king Astyages, capturing the Medes’ capital Ecbatana (modern Hamadan, Iran) and adding ‘King of the Medes’ to his title...

The tribes of the Medes – an interesting insight

...What is intriguing here is the tribe called the Magi. The ancient Magi were a hereditary priesthood of the Medes and are the Biblical “wise men from the east” who came to Jerusalem, asking after Jesus, and saying to Herod, “…Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him” (Matt 2:2). When they reached Bethlehem the Magi presented to Jesus “gold, frankincense and myrrh” (Matt 2:11)... https://politicsandprophecy.com/blog/modern-kurds-ancient-medes-a-date-with-destiny/




Most recently Arms Watch published emails exposing how British shell companies were used as cover for a US government program to arm militants in Syria, called in internal memos 'Task Force Smoking Gun'.



Spain has announced its support for Turkey’s planned military operation into northern Syria, making it the first European country to do so. Spain’s official North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Twitter account made the announcement in a series of tweets on Monday. “NATO Support to Turkey is aimed at contributing to a de-escalation of the crisis along the Alliance’s border.”





In Historic First, Greek Debt Carries Negative Interest Rate (Greeks PAID To Borrow!) Greece Sells E487.5M 91-Day Bills At -0.02%

Remember when Greek debt was a joke? Not anymore! Greece just held a T-bill auction and sold E487.5 million in 91-day bills at … drumroll … -0.02%... https://confoundedinterest.net/2019/10/09/in-historic-first-greek-debt-carries-negative-interest-rate-greeks-paid-to-borrow-greece-sells-e487-5m-91-day-bills-at-0-02/


Debt Market Suffering "Quiet Meltdown" As Billions In Loans Are Suddenly Crashing

"...situations have turned negative."


Money Managers Gain Sway Over Muni Market [Subscription Required]

October 9, 2019  A larger-than-ever share of municipal bonds is being managed by professionals, shaking up a market that has traditionally been the domain of mom- and-pop investors.  The rapid expansion of muni money managers, under way for more than a decade, reached a milestone in the past year: More than half of the total amount of muni bonds held by households—a third of the $4 trillion market—now sits in separately managed accounts or mutual funds. More…

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

More than half of the amount of munis held by households—a third of the $4 trillion market—now sits in separately managed accounts or mutual funds, a trend that has changed the way the bonds are sold. This trend exists not only in the muni market but has just been accelerated in the equity market. The idea of trading for free has eliminated the broker dealer leaving only major funds and EFTs as equity traders. This has very significant implications for what future markets will look like along with future implications of AI.  https://www.jsmineset.com/category/in-the-news/


2018 Numbers are in from the FBI – The AR rifles and other long guns are some of the safest items Americans own.

Here’s the real scoop: The misuse of rifles and shotguns of any type is extremely rare.  The FBI’s newest edition of Crime in the United States reveals that in 2018, rifles of all types were used to commit 297 murders. This is a decline from 2017’s revised figure of 390 (in the 2017 edition of Crime in the United States, the FBI had initially reported 403 murders). The years 2014, 2015, and 2016 also saw the murder figures involving rifles revised. 2014’s revision saw it go down from 258 to 235. The 2015 figure went down from 258 to 215. The revision from 2016 was very stark – it went down from 378 to 300.  The figures for shotguns are even lower for 2018. Those were only used in 235 murders last year. The figures for the previous four years were also revised. The 2017 figure stayed steady at 264. The 2016 figure was revised down to 247 from 264. 2015 saw a similar revision, from 272 to 247. 2014 saw a downward revision from 264 to 238.

By comparison, let’s look at the 2018 numbers for some other weapons. Knives were used in 1,515 murders, or roughly three times the number of murders involving rifles and shotguns combined (532). What the FBI calls “personal weapons” – really fists and feet – were used in 672 murders in 2018. That’s more than rifles and shotguns combined. You’re also more likely to see a murder committed with a blunt object like a baseball bat (443 in 2018) than either a rifle or shotgun. This trend has held for years down the line.  https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/2018-numbers-are-in-from-the-fbi-the-ar-rifles-and-other-long-guns-are-some-of-the-safest-items-americans-own/

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