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April 14, 2020

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Gold Surges To New Record Highs in Euros at €1,581/oz and $1,726/oz in Dollars

◆ Gold prices surged to new all time record highs in euros and other digital fiat currencies today due to concerns about the outlook for risk assets and currencies in an era of unprecedented economic and monetary risk. ◆ Gold prices rose to a more than seven-year high in dollars today at $1,726/oz (see chart)... https://news.goldcore.com/gold-surges-to-new-record-highs-in-euros-at-e1581-oz-and-1726-oz-in-dollars/
Oil Tumbles As Saudis Quietly Launch New Price War With Record Discounts

This weekend's 11th hour decision to cut OPEC oil output by 23% was supposed to end the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and the rest of OPEC+, but it appears Saudi Arabia did not get the memo.



Oil Tumbles After IMF Slashes Global Growth Forecast

“This crisis is like no other,”



So It Begins: Miserable Earnings Push Stocks HIGHER. Mannarino
The Bond Market Is Screaming That Something Bad Is Coming - RTD Q&A ft. Gregory Mannarino
Limitation of the President & Have the States Violated the Constitution Imposing a Lockdown?

... There is no doubt that Americans have been getting a civics lesson as they turn to Washington for answers to the coronavirus crisis, but discover that their state governors have assumed far more control over what goes on in their daily lives than the constitution allows. It has been State and local authorities making decisions about shutting down businesses and allocating medical equipment to hospitals – not the President. They have merely listened to Bill Gates and the compromised Anthony Fauci whose recommendations are illegal.

This is what the “United States” meant that there was a separation of powers between federal and state. This is the system the founding fathers designed, though it seems anachronistic to many while people like Fauci have been the stooge for Bill Gates claiming this is a deadly disease that warrants we be locked-down as prisoners in our own homes without any legal authority under the Constitution.

It is the Commerce Clause in the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3) that governs this question. The Commerce Clause states that the United States Congress shall have power: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/rule-of-law/limitation-of-the-president-have-the-states-violated-the-constitution-imposing-a-lockdown/



Gov Cumuo: this was a preparation drill

So.. according to Gov Cumuo this was a preparation drill… preparation for what ?. did the truth escape him? Freudian slip, perhaps ?




New York, California and other states plan for reopening as coronavirus crisis eases

Seven Northeastern U.S. states and three on the West Coast formed regional pacts on Monday aimed at coordinating a gradual reopening of their economies without a resurgence of coronavirus infections just as the outbreak appeared to be starting to wane.
Trump says decision coming shortly on reopening country

President Donald Trump asserted Monday that he is the ultimate decision-maker for determining how and when to relax the nation’s social distancing guidelines.
While Thousands Of Americans Need Food, Nation’s Largest Farms Are Destroying Millions Of Pounds Of Fresh Goods That They Can No Longer Sell

After the unprecedented floods in 2019 and the resulting destruction of millions of acres of agriculture land, farmers are facing another devastating threat. With restaurants, hotels and schools closed, many of the nation’s largest farms dump thousands of gallons of milk, smash millions of eggs, and plow acres of fresh vegetables that they can no longer sell. An impressive pandemic food waste!... https://strangesounds.org/2020/04/food-waster-pandemic-usa-farmer-videos.html



Chernobyl fire: Toxic fumes near nuclear disaster site could sweep across Europe – warning
TOXIC fumes could soon sweep across vast swathes of Europe from Ukraine, experts have warned, as firefighters battle to contain raging wildfires in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Hundreds of emergency workers have been deployed to fight the blazes which have come dangerously close to the site of the notorious 1986 nuclear disaster.
Deadly olive tree disease across Europe ‘could cost billions’
Researchers say the economic costs of a deadly pathogen affecting olive trees in Europe could run to over €20 billion. They’ve modelled the future worst impacts of the Xylella fastidiosa pathogen which has killed swathes of trees in Italy. Spread by insects, the bacterium now poses a potential threat to olive plantations in Spain and Greece.

Massive Earthquakes, Volcanoes now Erupting Worldwide

The earth seems to be waking up as seismic activity is being reported around the globe. Last month, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake shook Idaho, generating a multitude of avalanches. The quake was the largest in the region since a 6.9 quake hit in 1983. There have been 238 earthquakes in Idaho in the last week according to the U.S. Geological Survey website. Five of those have been substantial in size rating 4.0 to 6.5. Idaho isn’t new to experiencing earthquakes.


Following Record Rainfall, Sea of Galilee Overflows: ‘An Omen of Messiah’s Arrival’

“Ten years ago, Israel was suffering from a horrible drought. Someone asked Rabbi Kook when the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) will be full. Rabbi Kook said, ‘When the Messiah arrives, the Kinneret will be full.’”


Same state government that PROHIBITS the public from buying garden seeds still allows them to purchase LOTTO tickets

Some Democrats have mentioned that presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is considering Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer or, as President Trump calls her, “Half” Whitmer.


Microsoft Partners With ‘Performance Artist’ Marina Abramovic Who Is Actually A New Age Witch Who Engages In ‘Spirit Cooking’ And Satanism

I suppose you can get away with just about anything if you call yourself a ‘performance artist’ instead of what you actually are, in this case we are talking about a High Priestess of modern-day Satanism, Marina Abramovic. She is a wicked woman whose ‘performance art‘ usually revolves around snakes, pig’s blood, images of Baphomet, and all the rest of that garbage. But nothing to see her, people, Marina is just an ‘edgy performance artist’, that’s all. Yeah, right.


The pope just proposed a ‘universal basic wage.’ What does that mean for the United States?

In his Easter address to popular movements of the world, Pope Francis encouraged activists to keep up their efforts and their hope under the pressure of a pandemic. He repeated familiar refrains about the “idolatry of money” and “ecological conversion.” But he also allowed himself to offer a single policy proposal that movements might work toward: “This may be the time,” he said, “to consider a universal basic wage.” This points unmistakably to what is usually known as universal basic income—a regular, substantial cash payment to people just for being alive.



If You Want To Understand What Is Happening Right Now, Watching The Stunning ‘Out Of Shadows’ Hollywood Documentary Will Show You The Truth

As you are reading this article, the whole world is in the grip of something so unprecedented and so crazy, it can only be explained through the filter of bible prophecy as something originating in the spirit world. If you are any type of a student of the word, you know what I am saying is gospel truth. We are living in the end times the bible said would come, and with it all the hosts of Hell, as our physical world and their world begins to merge. 

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